Carbon 60 Studios
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We have to be really honest with you here, as we spent quite some time discussing exactly what we should put on this page to promote our services to prospective clients.

We thought that we would include some clips from our portfolio.

Then we thought about some great flash animations that would get your attention.

But then we decided that it had all been done before.
If you've seen it once, then you've seen it all.
Besides there is only really so much that you can do.

We also thought about some music but then decided against it.

What you really need to know, is what we can do for you.  So here it is.

We believe that new talent should be given the opportunity to grow and to develop.

We are by no means a major studio, but what we do have is the passion and the drive to support you.
We provide both advice and support.
Sounds simple enough.

We can help you realize your idea, and quite literally guide you step by step, frame by frame from your original concept.

It is no big secret that in these modern times commercial competition is at an all time high.

However that doesn't mean that new talent should be put on hold.  In fact it should be the opposite.
Carbon 60 Studios