Carbon 60 Studios
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Welcome to the
Carbon 60 Studios website.

Carbon 60 Studios was created in 2006, and we have extensive experience in the multiple disciplines relating to film.

We cover various areas related both directly and also indirectly to film.

In short, we can provide both advice and support for new and up coming talent.

This includes working with you for script development, story boards and also helping you to put together a film crew.

As well as providing these services for external projects, Carbon 60, at any one time, has several of its own internal projects in various stages of production.

We believe that new talent should be given the opportunity to grow and to develop.

We are by no means a major studio, but what we do have is the passion and the drive to support you.
Our aim is to provide a personal, efficient and cost effective solution for all, tailored to your needs.

In essence we are passionate about what we do, which is basically why we do it.

It is no big secret that in these modern times commercial competition is at an all time high.

However that doesn't mean that new talent should be put on hold.  In fact it should be the opposite.